Workshops & Classes for Adults
Women Painting Women
Bring a canvas any size.
Intergenerational Portraits
Bring family or photos.
SPECIAL EVENT benefiting RoCo Rochester Contemporary Art Gallery. RoCo6x6.com
 Metamorphosis, too! hosted a party on Monday, March 10, 2014  RoCo invited our 6x6 artists to visit the gallery to see the thousands of entries and find our art.The 2014 6x6 show is over however you can still buy artworks from all the years on-line at www.roco6x6.org

Ongoing Event...UFO Night or Afternoon....Search your closet for an Unfinished Object... Work on it at Metamorphosis, too! with the support of other artists and procrastinators. Call to arrange a time that fits your schedule!

To register call 585-737-0174
Many of the artists are available at times that meet your work/family schedule. Just ask. Encourage a friend to create, too!

Meet the newcomers to the gallery...puppets by Deb Poplasky ...including dragon, human, panda, bear and dog!   

New class led by Paul Delamarter:
two part class.

Collagraph Printmaking with Barb McPhail

Glue textures, shapes, and low relief mat board scraps to a plate. Images are rolled with inks and printed on great paper.

Printmaking with Dianne Eagle
Make mono-prints using junk mail, scissors & knives, water-based inks, brayers, stamps and a press. Explore color and texture. This is a great session for a beginner, yielding surprise results. Intermediate level participants and beyond will get more sophisticated results because they already experienced the process.

Knitting with Noma 
Knitting a circular cowl scarf/collar. Warm, yet elegant neck & head gear. Various levels, but need knitting basics. 

Knit socks with Noma Kent
Call to select days or evenings in August & September

 (day one the toe)
 (day two body to heel)
 (day three ankle to finish)

Tapestry Weaving with Dianne

Create a 12"x12" landscape or waterscape using a variety of lush yarns and fibers. You will weave with a tapestry needle and small shuttles on a warp wound on a wooden frame. Beads and buttons and threads can be used to add details.

Weaving on a Loom Dianne Murphy Eagle
Explore the process of weaving on a table loom that is already warped. Have fun combining various yarns and fibers. Learn several simple treadling patterns. When the warps are all woven participants will cut apart the sections  they created and tie the fringe. Everyone will take home a small mat. 
Summer by appointment      $30

Dressing the Loom-

Learn the procedure for winding the warp on a warping board.Counting and securing the many threads and moving the bundle to the loom. Learn how to pull each thread through the heddles on 4 harnesses. Pull the threads through the reed and tie them to the front bar, wind the warp keeping warp untangled. Tie each group of warp threads to the back bar. Weave a one yard piece for a table mat or a longer narrower piece for a scarf.
-By Appointment     $30

Domed copper Jewelry with Arlene McDonald

Learn some techniques for shaping, forming and enhancing copper with letters and textures. Incorporate these copper forms into necklace, bracelet or earrings.  


An Introduction to Copper Tooling

Artist Paul Delamarter offers this entry level course in earring making. Students will be cutting and shaping recycled copper foil to make their own earrings. 
-By Appointment     $30

Copper Earrings by Paul Delamarter

Vision Board inspired by Teresa Gable
Collage or assemble images and trinkets.
Unify with paints and words or phrases to create a visual representation of your vision, your thoughts, or your future.



Textural Painting with Arlene McDonald
You will explore the unique qualities of modeling paste to design a textured painting inspired by a garden landscape.
Use natural objects found in gardens. and texturing tools to create a sculptural & raised surface. The painting will be finished with acrylic paints &special painting techniques to create a truly unique pieces of art.
Call for summer dates      $30+5

Zentangle with Carol Henshaw

Fill space with beautiful black and white patterns. No previous drawing skills necessary. Achieve a calm, meditative feeling while exploring repetitive designs with a fine black pen.
$30. +$5

12 year olds+
Scheduled drawing time with yourself. Feel free to bring anything you want.  We will also provide materials.  Great environment for exploring and learning!

TBA 1.5 hrs          $10 

12 year olds+
Scheduled time to experiment with painting.  Paints available and/or please feel free to bring anything.  
TBA 1.5 hrs         $10

Design an Art Quilt
led by Dianne Murphy Eagle and guest quilter Carol Murphy

Select fabrics, fibers, images, messages and beads, buttons and charms to tell a story, message or mood. The art quilt will be fairly small 9"X12" to 36"X36".
Stitching can be refined or sketchy.

Charcoal Drawing by Jennifer Soper

Work on your observation skills and learn some charcoal drawing techniques. The subject for the workshop will be still life setup or objects.


Mandala by Rory Sykes

Rory will share the theory or philosophy of making mandalas and then lead participants in creating their own mandala using colored pencils and compass and dots.


Nature Journaling with Teresa Gable

Begin a journal of thoughts, sketches, quotes, and photos connecting you with the nature surrounding you. Continue the journal this Spring and Summer on your walks.


Gather your friends and colleagues and have a   
Try Printmaking,Vision Board, Nature Journal, Mixed Media and Tapestry Weaving.Bring tea or wine and dessert or snacks to energize the artists.